What is Freestyle BMX?

Biking is one of the most popular sports around the globe. Most of the people involved in this activity belong to the younger age groups because the activity is action packed and incredibly exciting. These things, excitement, thrill and fun, are what makes BMX riding so attractive. You see, the sport is actually loved and performed not only because of the fun and excitement.

There are three basic skills for a BMX ride, which are jumps, races, and free styling. Let’s take a closer look at freestyle BMX. Freestyle BMX is really just a name for BMX stunt riding. The first freestyle BMX riding was first seen in some concrete skate parks. Instead of competing in a race, riders do stunts and tricks with their bikes.

Freestyle BMX has basic disciplines or categories and skills that are usually performed to gain points in a game. Street riding is one of the 5 disciplines for freestyle BMX. A biker needs to use anything for this discipline, may it be a stair, curved walls, handrails and the like. Park is another interesting discipline. This involves a rider into performing stunts in a pool or a bowl, the ones we usually see on TV.

Another discipline involving freestyle BMX is the vert. This discipline is probably the most extreme of all. It is performed on a vertical ramp where the rider runs from one side to the other, trying to get air and cope with each side.

Trails are also great disciplines where a rider jumps over some steep packs or patches of dirt that are compacted to form bumps on the road. Freestyle is also performed on flatlands. Flatland tricks are usually done by doing some spins while balancing on the bike. The common tricks that are usually related to freestyle BMX are grinds, air tricks and flat land tricks.

Top BMX Bikes from Diamondback

BMX or bicycle motocross, which was originally derived from the regular motocross, is such a popular sport that has been and is still being practiced and appreciated by so many riders today. It is a sport that involves an action packed adventure on a bike. This is in essence a sport that requires the use of a specific bike for the BMX tricks.

One of the top brand names that you can find related to BMX is Diamondback. The Diamondback Company has been in the industry for quite a time now and it has proved to have produced quality BMX bikes ever since.

There are three major series that are manufactured for the BMX type by the Diamondback Company. And, those are the Jump, Street, and race series. For the BMX bikes specific for Jumps Diamondback has produced the ones below. For one, the best model so far is the Diamondback Signature.

The frame for this model is made from full chromoly with a double butted top tube and down tube. There is a tapered chain-stay and integrated HT and Mid BB for this model. Forks, handle bars, cranks, and parts of the hubs are also made from full chromoly and a DB team grip with Nylon End Plugging for the grips. The New Tektro Caliper powers the brakes.

As for the BMX for street bikes, one good model from Diamondback is the Venom Pro. For this model, fully chromoly still makes the frames, forks, cranks and pedals. The frame has removable Gyro Tabs with integrated HT and mid BB. The grips are powered by DB team grip with nylon end plug while the stem is built with a 4-bolt alloy frontload. Brakes on the other hand are enhanced with Tektro 907 U-brake with soft compound pads.

Diamondback is also known for their great bike for BMX races. The best so far for a Diamondback race series bike is the Reactor Pro. It is a high performance bike equipped with the state-of-the-art technology for bikes. What makes it great is that the bike is fully assembled when it is delivered to you. The frames for this model are made from 7005 heat treated aluminum with 3D forged dropouts, while the forks and handlebar are made from full chromoly.

Bikes you get from Diamondback have 5-year warranty that comes along with the package.  As long as you are using the warranty as a primary owner of the bike, then you enjoy the offer.

Buying Tips for Cheap BMX Bikes

Cycling is such a great sport that most people can be involved in. Almost everyone knows how to use a bike. One of the most interesting things a person could do with a bike, aside from using it as a daily transportation, is BMX riding.

BMX was believed to have been created into a sport to help people enjoy the adrenaline rush that was part of the original motocross. At least one advantage of BMX of motocross is that bicycles are relatively cheaper than getting an actual motorcycle.

If there are high grade BMX bikes today, there are also those that are very acceptable to the pocketbook. It is entirely possible to find cheap BMX bikes that can still give you the excitement and thrill that you want. However, there are a couple of things you can do to get a reasonably priced BMX bike of you want. You can take some concerns to consideration before you get an actual BMX bike of your own.

First of all, set an acceptable budget for your spending. A budget of at least $200 could be great but you should also remember that you are also required to have safety gear for the sport. So you may also set some money aside for your helmets, pads, and gloves. You may see cheap BMX bikes sold for less than $90 but these bikes would probably fall apart once you put your weight on them. You get what you pay for after all. So you would not want to spend frequently on repairs and maintenance, you better spare a decent amount for your BMX bike.

Second of all, you should consider if you want to go into free styling, jumping or BMX racing. There are actually different and specific bikes for each type of BMX biking so you must also consider that.

And lastly, try scouting out different stores that offer cheap BMX bikes. You may want to check on the bikes through the web or just go directly to bikes stores in your locality. One good tip is that you can get lower prices for a high quality BMX bike if you try to get them at the near end of the year as stores usually do inventory sales. Of course, once you figure out which model you want, you can also do your shopping at auction sites like eBay.

BMX Frames

BMX framesBMX bikes are really popular with younger riders today. They are often attracted to the activity because of the adrenaline rush and the thrill that they get to experience while riding. In addition to the challenge, they also get to make new friends. And just about everyone they meet shares a love of BMX riding.

It is really important to have the right kind of BMX bike for your type of performance. There are actually different kinds of BMX rides and you have to use a unique bike specific for a particular BMX activity.

When you buy a BMX, you can either buy a complete bike or you can choose each of the bike components and assemble them yourself. The most important piece of the bike is the BMX frame. This article will take a quick look at some of the choices you have in BMX frames. Like most things, this is an area where you get what you pay for. Therefore, if you want to get the strongest, lightest frame possible, you have to pay for it.

Getting the right frame for the BMX depends on how often you use your bike. If you usually go on very long rides, you should concentrate on choosing the frames with the lightest weight. If you are into professional BMX you should get the best frames for your bikes. However, if you are getting into BMX mostly for fun, you may use more reasonably priced components.

BMX frames are made from a couple of different materials, but the most commonly used today is chromoly. Chromoly is actually a mixture of chrome and molybdenum. Manufacturers use this blend in their BM frames because it makes them extremely durable, but still lightweight. Most professional riders find chromoly frames perfect for their ride as it helps them make smooth runs. Of course, if you want the high quality of this kind of frame, you had better be prepared to pay extra.

First time buyers who are on a tight budget for the frames usually choose steel BMX frames. Beginners try to get used to heavier frames and they feel better when they can move up to the lighter framed bikes after. Aluminum is also a good choice for frames. Aluminum BMX frames are usually used for racing as they provide good support of the frequently stressed parts of the bike.

How to Choose the Best BMX Hand Grips

BMX hand gripsBMX riding is a true adventure. Every part of the bike is essential and all the parts work together under the control of the rider. However, out of all the different components, the hand grips are special. They are the true connection between the rider and the bike. Every biker wants different hand grips that are personal to them. Good BMX hand grips provide the feel that is needed for the rider to make the bike perform exactly as he wishes. This is why there are so many different kinds of BMX grips available.

BMX hand grips vary in size, feel, and make. There are grips that are short or long, hard or soft, and in many cases there are those that have designs or patterns. It is very important when choosing BMX hand grips that you be as comfortable as possible when using the grips. However, there are other things that you need to consider looking into before actually buying BMX hand grips.

You should make sure that the grips you buy fit snugly to the handlebar of the bike. They should not be too loose because they could (and will) slide off. At the same time, they can’t be too small to actually get inserted onto the handlebar. BMX grips have standard sizes so you should know the actual size for your bike before buying them. There are also sizes for children’s bikes or grips that are not the size of the BMXs, so pay close attention to the description and measurements.

If you are on a tight budget, you can choose reasonably priced grips, but remember that you get what you pay for. So if your concern is the overall quality of the hand grip, then spending a little extra for it would be worth it. Designs or patterns for your grips are actually made to provide friction and help keep your hand from slipping off from the handle bar. So don’t just look at the designs. Rather, it would be much better if you actually hold and feel the pieces before you buy them.

Also, check the closed end tips of the hand grips as these are the common areas that usually tear off easily. Confirm that they are made of thick rubber or plastic to ensure that they last longer.

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