Beginner’s Guide to BMX Accessories

Getting into BMX riding takes more than just a bike. There are essential accessories and safety gear that you must acquire before riding or competing. The kind of accessories you need depend on what kind of BMX riding you plan to do-racing, freestyle or dirt jumping. Whichever style of BMX you want to pursue, getting the right gear will keep you comfortable and safe.

The right safety gear should be at the top of your list. No one plans to fall, but everyone falls. So you have to protect your body, especially your head. You should budget from $30 on up for a well-designed, highly rated helmet. There are lots of styles to choose from, but the important thing is the helmet’s ability to protect your head. Don’t ride without knee and elbow pads either.  Gloves are also a must, because your hands need protection too.

BMX riding demands the right kind of shoes and apparel. Biking shoes are your best bet, but at least wear a good pair of tennis shoes. Sandals are out-they simply do not provide enough protection on the trail, the course or the street. Shorts and short sleeves are not the best choice. Jeans and long sleeves can protect your skin from a lot of road rash.

You should consider getting a complete BMX repair kit. Having a way to fix flat tires and make minor repairs to your bike can make the difference between riding and going home early. Planning to race? You’ll need a way to put a number plate on your bike. Want to ride freestyle? You’ll need a place to practice. If your community doesn’t have a place, then you may want to get your own manufactured ramp. Don’t cobble together something when you don’t know what you’re doing; otherwise, we’ll all be watching you on Youtube.

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