Choosing the Best BMX Freestyle Bike

Every kind of BMX riding requires a certain kind of bike. Freestyle riding makes a lot of demands on the bike. How your bike is built will make a big difference in how it feels and how long it lasts. Some riders prefer to build a bike from scratch. Others like to find the best assembled model for their needs. To choose the best option, you have to understand the stresses your riding will place on the bike and then compare specifications.

Building your BMX bike from the frame up can be very rewarding. Surprisingly, it’s not as expensive as you might think. Other riders are constantly upgrading their own bikes and this usually results in a pretty rich used parts market. If you have the time to wait and the patience to shop, you can usually get good deals on just about every piece of the bike. Plus, you can pick and choose based on your requirements for quality and for weight. If you prefer to move things along, you can gather up all the parts at once and have them assembled for you. This provides for more control over the design compared to buying an assembled bike off the rack.

Street riding is probably the most demanding style out there. Let’s face it-most of the places you’ll be riding weren’t designed for bikes. Stairs, sidewalks, hand rails-all these features put a lot of stress on the bike and the rider. Street BMX bikes must be equipped with side pegs so you can maneuver. It’s not uncommon to see street bikes with no brakes whatsoever.

Since each riding style has unique challenges, you can’t just buy a generic BMX bike and then decide how you want to ride it. Not sure what kind of riding you will like? Some people say that trying some BMX games can give you a feel for what you might want to do in real life. You may even be able to find some free online games that will let you try out different styles in a virtual pain-free world.

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