Gear Up Before Practicing BMX Tricks

If you are new to BMX, then you are probably itching to get started doing some killer tricks. However, this is not the sort of thing you can do just anywhere. It’s better and safer to do your learning on a BMX course. Tricks may look easy on Youtube, but you can really get hurt if you don’t have the right safety equipment. Inexperience can cause a lot of pain and injury if you don’t have good protection.

Start off with a good quality helmet. Tricks or not, you shouldn’t even consider riding without a helmet. Looking cool is not worth risking brain damage. Elbow and knee protection should also be a high priority. These are the most likely parts of your body to take the hit when you fall off the bike. And since practicing usually consists of a lot of falling, you should get elbow and knee pads right away.

A BMX practice course is the perfect place to start learning. You can get plenty of good instruction and also find out what kinds of safety gear other riders recommend. Want to know the best place to buy your gear and how to avoid getting ripped off? Chances are a BMX instructor will be the best source of this information. You can also visit a couple of local bike shops to get some recommendations. Whether you are starting off with the easy tricks or going for the show stoppers, you really need full protection for your body.

If you live somewhere without good bike stores, you can always shop online. That can be a little difficult if you don’t really know what you need. However, you should be able to find some good BMX websites with reviews of safety gear and even tips on getting started with some simple BMX tricks.

Does your city have a BMX club? That’s the perfect way to meet other BMX riders and find out the latest scoop on riding and gear. Advice from someone who’s taken the falls is always worth paying attention to.

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