How to Keep your BMX Habit from Draining your Bank Account

Anyone who is really into BMX biking can tell you how much this sport can end up costing. It starts with buying the bike itself, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. Parts and accessories are a continuing need whether you are replacing broken stuff or upgrading to the next level. And considering that your safety is involved, you definitely don’t want to scrimp on the quality. Is there a way to save some money without giving up the good stuff?

Fortunately for your budget, BMX is getting more and more popular. This means an increase in the number of online shops and neighborhood stores that are selling BMX gear. Shopping around and doing a price comparison is a time-tested way to save money. This method has gotten even easier with online options. Not to mention that you normally find lower prices and better selection online anyway. It only takes minutes to browse all the different suppliers and find the best deal. You may start out with the BMX specialty shops, but don’t forget to check the major retailers like Amazon. Don’t forget to check the shipping deals too-free shipping can really make a difference in your final cost.

Don’t be afraid to dip into the market for used BMX gear and bikes. Not only will you be helping out a fellow BMX enthusiast, you can probably get a great deal on some good equipment. Some neighborhood bike shops carry used bikes and parts. You can also check out pawn shops. Of course, there are the two giant online marketplaces for used items-eBay and Craigslist.

By comparing prices, checking out used items and making maximum use of online resources, you can bring the cost of your BMX hobby down to a reasonable level without giving up quality.

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