Get BMX Wheels with the Right Specs for your Sport

BMX rides are what makes a lot of youngsters interested with these days, because of the adrenaline rush and challenge that they feel with participating in the sport. Like any other sport, BMX riding also requires a rider to have his own gear for the sport. A bike is mainly what he needs for a ride but one of the most important parts of a bike is the wheels. BMX wheels are totally different from the wheels of other kinds of bikes. BMX wheels have some specifications that are required to be able to make a smooth ride on the BMX.

BMX wheels are smaller wheels than a mountain bike, approximately 20 inches in diameter.  However, there is one exception for this measurement and that is the 24-inch Cruiser. The BMX wheels are also a lot lighter for freestyle and jump BMX. Since the skills would involve stunts like lifting and twisting of the bikes, they need to be light in weight to be able to do the tricks smoothly.

As for the race BMX, the wheels of the bike are most preferable if they have 32 spokes in aluminum -base structure. These features will not be able to withstand the stresses of a jump or a freestyle BMX. Most BMX wheels have knobby treads to make up for the speed and traction requirements.

If you would want to purchase wheels for your BMX, you should be able to willingly spend some bucks. What is the money after all if you are actually given enough quality for the wheel for a certain amount? There are also some considerations that you need to look into if you want to buy a BMX wheel.

For one you should consider the type of BMX ride you are into. Because as what was mentioned above, wheels for jumps, freestyle and race BMX are different from each other. The matter would also depend on the budget that you set for this particular part of the bike. Since wheels are the part that is mostly under pressure then it would be wise enough to spend more money up front than to constantly replace broken wheels.

Mongoose BMX Bikes

BMX biking is a favorite sport among young people and teens, especially males. This sport is known to be full of excitement and thrills, making it definitely in the style of today’s youth.

Like most sports, BMX rides would also require the appropriate tools and equipments to do the activity right. You can’t just ride on any kind of bike if you want to participate in BMX. There should be a specific bike used to perfect your stunts.

One great name that stands out on the BMX scene is the Mongoose BMX bike. Mongoose has acquired a great reputation for producing high-quality bikes. One of their specialties is the BMX bike which makes most kids excited when they hear about it. Mongoose BMX bikes may not be great for long distance rides but they definitely rock on the BMX tracks or on the street.

What makes it best to get a BMX bike by Mongoose is that they are actually made to have the best quality in terms of safety. Since BMX riding will involve performing some tricks with the bike while on air, the bike should be no less than durable and safe enough to survive a BMX competition.

Most or all of the Mongoose BMXs are handcrafted with Hi-ten jumping forks armed with sure stopping front and rear U brakes. These are just few of the safety features they attach to the entire bike. Another is that Mongoose makes use of 3-piece tubular crank set, 48-hole hubs made from alloy, and the A-head machine stem. The Mongoose BMXs have 4-piece knee-saver handlebars and run through a 20×2.125 in black jumper K-Rad tires.

These bikes are made for male riders from age 8 to 15. Mongoose makes it a better product by its accompanying lifetime warranty on the framework and for the fork of the BMX.

Upgrade your BMX Bike with a New Stem

If you’re ready to take your BMX ride to a new level of comfort, you should consider upgrading your BMX stem. Your stock BMX bike came with a factory stem that sets your handlebars at a certain height. However, if you go for an aftermarket stem, you can set your handlebars at a custom height that’s perfect for the feel you want. Plus, you can upgrade other parts like your BMX pegs to match.

There is a wide variety of BMX stems available for purchase. You can choose the exact color and texture that you want. Threadless and quill-type stems are also available. Quill-type stems attach to the steering tube using the traditional compression method. Threadless stems clamp on directly.

Another consideration when you are looking at changing your BMX stem is the angle. The best way to find the right angle is to test several different styles. That way you can avoid trying to adapt to something that feels awkward. The wrong angle could lead to control problems and muscle aches as well.

In terms of materials, aluminum alloy stems are cheaper, except for the super high-grade alloys. Carbon fiber stems are stronger and lighter, but cost more. However, they also are better at absorbing vibration. If you want to go for the top of the line, you can get titanium stems. Not only do they look great, they are also extremely light. However, be prepared to spend more for titanium than for aluminum or even carbon fiber.

Some of the top names in BMX stems are Thompson and Black Ops. Other companies to look for include North Shore billet, Chromag,Tuf Neck and Redline.

You’ll need to know your handlebar and steering tube sizes before you start shopping for a new stem. Once you know that, it’s time to figure out what length and drop you are looking for. Longer stem lengths delay the turning response. Shorter lengths are quicker to respond. Understanding your own riding style is an important part of choosing the right stem upgrade.

Gear Up Before Practicing BMX Tricks

If you are new to BMX, then you are probably itching to get started doing some killer tricks. However, this is not the sort of thing you can do just anywhere. It’s better and safer to do your learning on a BMX course. Tricks may look easy on Youtube, but you can really get hurt if you don’t have the right safety equipment. Inexperience can cause a lot of pain and injury if you don’t have good protection.

Start off with a good quality helmet. Tricks or not, you shouldn’t even consider riding without a helmet. Looking cool is not worth risking brain damage. Elbow and knee protection should also be a high priority. These are the most likely parts of your body to take the hit when you fall off the bike. And since practicing usually consists of a lot of falling, you should get elbow and knee pads right away.

A BMX practice course is the perfect place to start learning. You can get plenty of good instruction and also find out what kinds of safety gear other riders recommend. Want to know the best place to buy your gear and how to avoid getting ripped off? Chances are a BMX instructor will be the best source of this information. You can also visit a couple of local bike shops to get some recommendations. Whether you are starting off with the easy tricks or going for the show stoppers, you really need full protection for your body.

If you live somewhere without good bike stores, you can always shop online. That can be a little difficult if you don’t really know what you need. However, you should be able to find some good BMX websites with reviews of safety gear and even tips on getting started with some simple BMX tricks.

Does your city have a BMX club? That’s the perfect way to meet other BMX riders and find out the latest scoop on riding and gear. Advice from someone who’s taken the falls is always worth paying attention to.

Tips for Getting Great BMX Bike Deals

Most people get overwhelmed with the amount of money it takes to get started in a new sport, and BMX riding is no different. But when it comes to flying through the air on a bike, do you really want to pinch pennies on your equipment? Your goal should be getting a BMX bike at the right price, not necessarily the lowest price. The following tips can help you get the bike you need at a price that you can feel good about.

Set a budget. Entry level BMX bikes start in the neighborhood of $200. You should steer clear of anything less than that, unless you’re buying a used bike. Don’t forget to budget for essential safety gear like gloves, elbow and knee pads, and a rated helmet.

Figure out what kind of riding you want to do. There are three basic kinds of BMX: dirt jumping, freestyle and true BMX racing. BMX bikes for racing have lighter frames. The other types of riding need more frame strength and will be heavier. Unless you’re buying for a child, stick with full-size frames.

Shop online. Getting your BMX bike on eBay or Craigslist can give you lots of bang for your buck. Start by checking out the brake and look for padding in critical areas like the stem, top tube and crossbar. Used bikes are often missing some of the “non-essentials.” Kickstands, fenders and the like are often removed by previous owners to make the bike lighter. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you can live without these items.

The popularity of BMX continues to grow and it has now been included in the Olympics.  If you want to get started in BMX, figure out how much you can spend, decide what kind of riding you want to do, then start shopping online for the best deals.

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