Gear Up Before Practicing BMX Tricks

If you are new to BMX, then you are probably itching to get started doing some killer tricks. However, this is not the sort of thing you can do just anywhere. It’s better and safer to do your learning on a BMX course. Tricks may look easy on Youtube, but you can really get hurt [...] Read more »

Tips for Getting Great BMX Bike Deals

Most people get overwhelmed with the amount of money it takes to get started in a new sport, and BMX riding is no different. But when it comes to flying through the air on a bike, do you really want to pinch pennies on your equipment? Your goal should be getting a BMX bike at [...] Read more »

Beginner’s Guide to BMX Accessories

Getting into BMX riding takes more than just a bike. There are essential accessories and safety gear that you must acquire before riding or competing. The kind of accessories you need depend on what kind of BMX riding you plan to do-racing, freestyle or dirt jumping. Whichever style of BMX you want to pursue, getting [...] Read more »