Upgrade your BMX Bike with a New Stem

If you’re ready to take your BMX ride to a new level of comfort, you should consider upgrading your BMX stem. Your stock BMX bike came with a factory stem that sets your handlebars at a certain height. However, if you go for an aftermarket stem, you can set your handlebars at a custom height that’s perfect for the feel you want. Plus, you can upgrade other parts like your BMX pegs to match.

There is a wide variety of BMX stems available for purchase. You can choose the exact color and texture that you want. Threadless and quill-type stems are also available. Quill-type stems attach to the steering tube using the traditional compression method. Threadless stems clamp on directly.

Another consideration when you are looking at changing your BMX stem is the angle. The best way to find the right angle is to test several different styles. That way you can avoid trying to adapt to something that feels awkward. The wrong angle could lead to control problems and muscle aches as well.

In terms of materials, aluminum alloy stems are cheaper, except for the super high-grade alloys. Carbon fiber stems are stronger and lighter, but cost more. However, they also are better at absorbing vibration. If you want to go for the top of the line, you can get titanium stems. Not only do they look great, they are also extremely light. However, be prepared to spend more for titanium than for aluminum or even carbon fiber.

Some of the top names in BMX stems are Thompson and Black Ops. Other companies to look for include North Shore billet, Chromag,Tuf Neck and Redline.

You’ll need to know your handlebar and steering tube sizes before you start shopping for a new stem. Once you know that, it’s time to figure out what length and drop you are looking for. Longer stem lengths delay the turning response. Shorter lengths are quicker to respond. Understanding your own riding style is an important part of choosing the right stem upgrade.

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