What is Freestyle BMX?

Biking is one of the most popular sports around the globe. Most of the people involved in this activity belong to the younger age groups because the activity is action packed and incredibly exciting. These things, excitement, thrill and fun, are what makes BMX riding so attractive. You see, the sport is actually loved and performed not only because of the fun and excitement.

There are three basic skills for a BMX ride, which are jumps, races, and free styling. Let’s take a closer look at freestyle BMX. Freestyle BMX is really just a name for BMX stunt riding. The first freestyle BMX riding was first seen in some concrete skate parks. Instead of competing in a race, riders do stunts and tricks with their bikes.

Freestyle BMX has basic disciplines or categories and skills that are usually performed to gain points in a game. Street riding is one of the 5 disciplines for freestyle BMX. A biker needs to use anything for this discipline, may it be a stair, curved walls, handrails and the like. Park is another interesting discipline. This involves a rider into performing stunts in a pool or a bowl, the ones we usually see on TV.

Another discipline involving freestyle BMX is the vert. This discipline is probably the most extreme of all. It is performed on a vertical ramp where the rider runs from one side to the other, trying to get air and cope with each side.

Trails are also great disciplines where a rider jumps over some steep packs or patches of dirt that are compacted to form bumps on the road. Freestyle is also performed on flatlands. Flatland tricks are usually done by doing some spins while balancing on the bike. The common tricks that are usually related to freestyle BMX are grinds, air tricks and flat land tricks.

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